Minggu, 19 Oktober 2008

Blood Diamond
by Channelia
"Diamonds are foreverThey won't leave in the nightHave no fear that they might"Kanye West - Diamonds from Sierra Leone
Channelia's wordsWhat makes you sparkles , have to shed blood first .Blood Diamond is a brutal , bloody and thrilling sensation of an action-drama movie . With the Africa bloody views , tear-jerker drama(minus flowy-flowy love stories) , orchestrated chaos and holocaust for beautiful sparkles on rich people's body . With serving from Edward Zwick . A dry land covered with red blood and black-skinned corpses . TIA , That is AfricaWith awesome full-of-holocaust intervention scenes and the greatness of Africa-land(read : Africa's scenery) . Zwick packaged Blood Diamond with rap-reggae score ,which did not match and over-volume in some scenes .Zwick made another brutal excitement , a long running-time but yet thrilling and exciting .Well , it was an almost-perfect casting .Leonardo Di Caprio as the brutal , white-skinned African Danny Archer did his role well and serious , i never expected that he could change his accent nicely , from that crispy-young voice into British-African voice .Djimon Honsou as the innocent Solomon Vanda . He made Solomon's emotion(and body language) nicely and captured my attention(to understand the plot) perfectly .Jennifer Connely as the slick ,kind-hearted journalist Maddy Bowen 'over-whelmed' by Leo's & Honsou's appearance , she did that well . But , still forgettable .

At the end,Blood Diamond is a thrilling sensation with African scenery and full-of-suspense action-drama and truth .

"In America, it's bling bling. But out here it's bling bang"-Danny Archer-by Leonardo DiCaprio
From the director who had brought you The Last Samurai . With casts : Leonardo Di Caprio , Djimon Honsou and Jennifer Connely .

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