Minggu, 19 Oktober 2008


by Channelia
"If it's between robots , which is the correct statement?"1. Love causes magnet2. Magnet causes love
Chanellia's words
When you left earth in dangerous , life-less condition , what will you left it with? WALL-E is the answer . Collect the garbage that the humans had made while the humans were relaxing and doing their things in outer space .WALL-E packaged in great cinematography , magical visualization , great magical story and beautiful score .With futuristic and magical Earth , Galaxy and Axiom setting ,packaged in nostalgic classic love songs from the beginning and beautiful visual , WALL-E is an irresistable creation .Beside those magical features . WALL-E showed its Environmental purposes with fun , clever ways . It mesmerized all ages viewers .Plus , the innocently cute and lovely scripts . WALL-E is a super-kawaii and lovely movie .At the end, A science-fiction with same quality as Steven Spielberg's.An animation with imaginative story as qualified as Hayao Miyazaki's.A total support for Oscar from me.

"Directive?!"-Eve-Voice by Elissa Knight

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